Email Marketing: The Secret to Increased Profits for eCommerce Websites


secret2Most eCommerce websites focus on adjusting prices for more sales, tweaking their websites’ layout for better conversions or getting more visitors. If done effectively, these can increase an e-commerce website’s income. However, email marketing is the little-talked about tool e-commerce websites can employ to sky-rocket their earnings.

One way an eCommerce website can increase its earnings is by sending a buyer related offers immediately after the purchase when the buyer is still in the “buying” mindset.Continue Reading >>

Drip Programs Aren’t Just for Lead Nurturing


dripMany marketers often times use the terms “drip marketing” and “lead nurturing” as synonyms. The reason for this is obvious. In many cases, drip marketing and lead nurturing are, in fact, one and the same. Both of the terms are associated with the process of sending a series of automated emails to recipients. When the emails are sent they are usually based upon the recipients’ online behaviors, or they can also simply be sent at predetermined time intervals.
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Email Marketing Newsletters in 2016


icon27The distinctive marketplace value of an online newsletter is its content, relevance and the clarity and impact of its presentation.

Still a powerful outreach!

A perceptive reader can tell immediately if a newsletter will be of interest to them. This is why it is important to start with a heading (subject line and preheader) that clearly reflects specific subject matter and stimulate interest.

Most material with which people are confronted is of little or no interest to them. Frankly, this includes most email newsletters! This is precisely why a well-designed and skillfully written newsletter, directed to an appropriate audience, always has and always will be a particularly powerful marketing communication tool.
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Back From the Dead: Giving Old Content New Purpose


racoon_garbage_old_content_new_purposeWith twenty four hour news cycles and content aggregators constantly churning out new information for readers to engage in, it can be difficult to refresh content and keep traffic flowing to a company’s website, or to keep an email list growing at a reliable pace. Luckily, there are a few ways to repurpose content into something that can re-engage with audiences and start driving traffic once more.

Turn it into an Infographic

By taking an old blog article and then chopping up its most relevant information into easily digestible chunks, all it takes to transform it into an infographic are some easily arranged images. Studies have found that online audiences prefer articles that incorporate a mixture of both visual imagery and written words.
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No More Junk Mail: Effective Email Marketing Tips


jmail1Managing an email campaign can seem like a daunting task, especially for businesses that aren’t familiar with many email marketing tips. With that in mind, this guide has been specifically designed to help guide businesses through the dreaded email subject line. These email marketing tricks should help increase the effectiveness of any marketing strategies and improve the rate at which people respond to promotional emails.

1) Quick Summary

As far as email marketing strategies go, the quick summary is probably the driest. The idea is to fill the empty preheader space with all of the relevant information in the bulk of the email. This lets consumers know immediately what the email has and whether it’s worth opening. When it comes to email marketing, one of the best ways to retain a client’s interest is by not wasting their time.
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6 Email Marketing Tips for Spring


It’s finally happening. The cold weather is beginning to recede, and spring is on its way. As people start their traditional spring cleaning regimens, it’s time for your company to do the same. Your customers will be getting rid of unwanted clothes, furniture and building materials. They’ll also be looking for spring discount deals.

If you want to take advantage of this seasonal trend, you’ll need an email marketing campaign specifically geared for the spring months. Here are six spring marketing tips that will help get the word out about the great deals you might be offering.

1. Spring Awakening

Before you send out that initial email, do an inventory of your email lists and segments. Have you been noticing a lot of bounces and non-engagement from certain email addresses? Put those lists and segments into categories so that you can determine which ones are worth keeping.

Winter makes us lazy. Nobody wants to move around or go outside when it’s cold. Now that everyone’s getting an extra dose of sunshine, kick your customer base into gear with a reactivation campaign. Everyone likes to feel as if they’ve been missed, so think about including the words “miss you” in the subject line.

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Utilize Your Website To Increase Your Email List


Utilize Your Website To Generate More Email SignupsFor a continued and healthy email marketing strategy, companies must always look to improve their email lists. Sometimes getting quality emails can seem like a tough task but if you already have a great website it can be a lot easier than you might think. Getting email address signups from your website is a fantastic source of quality soft leads because they have already read up on your company and are still interested. Below are some specific ways to use utilize your website to gain email signups for your email marketing campaigns.

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Five Ways to Create Better Emails for Email Marketing


Create a solid call to action!Planning out a good email marketing campaign can be a tricky business. There are a lot of different factors to consider when writing an email to get people interested in your business, and it can be hard to keep them all in mind at once. The details of an email will depend on the exact thing that it needs to do, but there are a few things that can improve any email marketing message.

Keep it Personal

People respond much better to email marketing campaigns that treat them like people. A good email is more than a simple list of facts and figures that ends with a call to action. If you know a person’s name, be sure to use it in the email to make it seem like a personal letter. Tell stories about your successes and your failures that remind your customers that you are a person like they are, and not simply an unfeeling machine. Use language that is informal where appropriate and be polite!

Start Small and Manage Expectations

Email is a useful marketing tool, but it can only do so much at a time. Don’t expect to suddenly get a huge wave of new customers by sending out a few emails, and don’t try to get that either. Instead, aim for little goals. Get people interested in you to help build towards sales in the future and form relationships when possible. Gather information that can help you win them over later and be sure to listen to what they are saying. Aim for small victories and let them build up into something better over time.Continue Reading >>