Creating Email Sales Funnels That Actually Convert


Today we’re going to talk about something very near and dear to me – making money. More specifically, leveraging email marketing to convert interested buyers into revenue.

One of the most common questions I hear at FireDrum is, “How can I turn a list of email addresses into customers?” Because let’s be honest, that should be the goal of all email marketing, right?

I want to share a very basic outline of what my typical email marketing sales funnel looks like. I’ve been utilizing this across several industries, several lists and I’ve seen consistent and positive results.

The most important takeaway from this blog is that each item has only one job. What I mean by that is the email subject lines only job is to get the user to open the email. The body of the email is to build value around the call-to-action, the call to action’s only job is to get visitors to the landing page and so on. You will see a notable drop off in conversions when you start assigning multiple jobs to an individual item.

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How To Use Triggered Emails To Automate Your Marketing


Marketing automation is an essential part to anyone’s email marketing strategy, because it gives insight into your subscriber’s lifecycle and allows you to market to them properly. One effective form of marketing automation is triggered emails.

triggered email setupFor those who are not familiar, triggered emails are automated responses based on a specific action taken (or not taken) by a consumer or a meaningful change in their behavior or profile. These timely, relevant and personalized responses create an invitation to advance the communication between a marketer and their customer.

A great example of a triggered email happens when a customer is on an eCommerce site and leaves items in their shopping cart without checking out. That company has the opportunity to send a triggered email to remind them to complete their order.
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FireDrum’s Ultimate 2015 SEO Audit Checklist


Here at FireDrum we launch a lot of websites. As Project Manager it often falls on my plate to ensure that each of this websites go out the door with all Search Engine Optimization items in place and up-to-date with current best practices. I typically find myself running through the same process to lay a solid foundation for on-site SEO with each new website that we launch.

seo audit checklistWith 2015 right around the corner, there’s no better time to readdress your on-site SEO so you can continue to build that Page Authority and work your way to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) by this time next year!

If you can check off every item on this list – great! If not, don’t worry. Not every list item applies to every site. Even if you can’t check them all off right now, each item is bound to give you a boost in the SERP. So do what you can right now and focus on the remaining items as you find time.Continue Reading >>

The More The Merrier


One of the most unique and non-talked about aspects of email marketing is the need for multiple users. Organizations with multiple locations, brands, or departments have many unique twists when it comes to content, list building, and scheduling. Below, I will address the most important components of multi-user set-ups and why embracing them will greatly benefit your reach and your brand.
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Streamline Your Workflow with Our Integrated Platform


Open API Email IntegrationWith all of the different cloud based platforms used in the workplace these days, having the option to seamlessly integrate them would make anyone’s life much easier. With all of the inquiries we’ve received about how to connect FireDrum with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software such as Salesforce, Sugar and standalone applications such as PayPal, Eventbrite and Shopify, we can now help automate your workflow by easily integrating our platform with your existing applications through our open API.

There are a number of important benefits that come with integrating your email marketing platform with your CRM.
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7 Online Marketing Trends for 2015


When is the last time you addressed your ongoing online marketing strategy? Last quarter? last year? Never?

With 2015 just around the corner and online advertising set to outperform traditional advertising in every manner now may be the perfect time to look at your online marketing strategy and develop a plan for next year.

Keeping a pulse on all things online marketing, here is my outlook on upcoming trends for 2015.
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Our Top 6 Holiday Email Marketing Tips


The holiday season is officially here! With last years sales numbers for the 29-day holiday season shattering all previous records and this year shaping up to top even those, we canvassed the office and gathered some of our email marketing experts top holiday email marketing tips!

A/B Testing

A/B Split Testing for Email MarketingDoing A/B testing on call-to-action buttons in your holiday emails will help determine which email will have a better conversion rate. The three main things to test are:

  1. Placement – having the CTA placed on the left side of the message may out-perform the right or vice versa
  2. Colors – test two different contrasting colors that stand out and are not the same color of your landing page
  3. Message – testing the wording such “Learn More” vs “Shop Now” may provide a clearer and direct message for the recipient

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The Definitive 2014 Holiday Email Sending Schedule


With the holiday season upon us, now is a great time to prepare for your holiday email marketing campaigns. During the 2013 29-day holiday season, eCommerce sales topped $20.6 billion. Consumers are avoiding the long lines and spending more time browsing and buying from the comfort of their home. With a successful holiday email marketing strategy, you too can have a piece of this pie.

Since we’ve already discussed why keeping a clean list plays an important role in ensuring email deliverability this season and we’ve talked about how to write effective subject lines, today I want to focus on exactly what days to send during the 2014 holiday season.Continue Reading >>

Improve Your Email Deliverability Rates With These Tips


With the holidays approaching, we can start to anticipate the volume of emails that will soon invade our inboxes. We can also anticipate a high amount of email deliverability issues. That is why it is important to be proactive about managing your member lists before the holidays to ensure successful campaign delivery.

Understanding Sender Reputation & Blacklisting


This is not the group you want to be in.

When sending out an increased volume of emails during the holidays (or in general), not only do you take the chance of sending out to the inactive members, unsubscribes and outdated emails in your database, you also put your sender reputation at risk and affect the ability to effectively communicate with customers and prospects in the future.

Sender reputation is based on a sender score ranging from 0 to 100 that is decided by an ISP (Internet service provider) to determine the trustworthiness of an email being delivered. The score is determined by the following factors: email list quality, volume of emails sent, number of spam complaints received, email content and sender authentication.
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7 Steps to a Lasting First Impression

First impressions never die...

First impressions never die…

Businesses who send welcome emails will see on average a 50% open rate, making them 86% more effective than email newsletters. So, if you haven’t included a welcome series into your email marketing strategy, you probably should start doing so.

Since email is one of the most easy and cost-effective marketing channels to build relationships, sending a welcome email can set the tone after someone has shown interest in your business. Most importantly though, it makes for the perfect opportunity to introduce your business and create trust with your new subscriber. Because as the saying goes “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Another great thing about a welcome series is that it is easy to set up. With the convenience of marketing automation (when an email is automatically sent to a subscriber after a triggered activity), you can provide a well-timed hello within seconds after a new subscriber has signed up to receive your emails.Continue Reading >>