Five Ways to Create Better Emails for Email Marketing


Create a solid call to action!Planning out a good email marketing campaign can be a tricky business. There are a lot of different factors to consider when writing an email to get people interested in your business, and it can be hard to keep them all in mind at once. The details of an email will depend on the exact thing that it needs to do, but there are a few things that can improve any email marketing message.

Keep it Personal

People respond much better to email marketing campaigns that treat them like people. A good email is more than a simple list of facts and figures that ends with a call to action. If you know a person’s name, be sure to use it in the email to make it seem like a personal letter. Tell stories about your successes and your failures that remind your customers that you are a person like they are, and not simply an unfeeling machine. Use language that is informal where appropriate and be polite!

Start Small and Manage Expectations

Email is a useful marketing tool, but it can only do so much at a time. Don’t expect to suddenly get a huge wave of new customers by sending out a few emails, and don’t try to get that either. Instead, aim for little goals. Get people interested in you to help build towards sales in the future and form relationships when possible. Gather information that can help you win them over later and be sure to listen to what they are saying. Aim for small victories and let them build up into something better over time.Continue Reading >>

FireDrum Version 4.4 Released


Released 1/29/2016

RSS to Email

Crank up your automation! With RSS to Email you can automatically pull content from RSS feeds and include them in your email. You can even send an email without having to manually update the email content. Combine RSS with Recurring Emails and you have a totally automated sending with new content every time it’s sent. RSS feeds can pull breaking news, your latest blog posts or the latest products from your ecommerce site. The possibilities are endless.

Recurring Emails

More automation! With recurring emails you can set a campaign to send itself Monthly, Weekly, or Daily. This is especially useful to those taking advantage of the RSS to Email feature – truly “Set it and Forget it”. If you have a constantly changing RSS feed and want to send out emails with updates, there is no longer a need to manually create a new email campaign every time a blog post changes or product is added to your ecommerce website.
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Email Trends We’re Already Seeing in 2016


Email Marketing Trends 2016Email marketing is known as being an ideal source for developing relationships with your customers. Creating a successful email marketing plan can ensure you grow your customer base and gain stable online growth. These email trends are already happening this 2016, and it’s best to get yourself ahead of the game by properly knowing how to use the latest with the email marketing world.

Crafting Emails for Mobile Marketing

A wide variety of users utilize their mobile phones and smartphones to browse through emails. Crafting an email for mobile phone view is very important, especially since there are so many people that are viewing the email on their phones and may close the email if it isn’t properly designed to be read on a phone. Going for graphics is great, but any message should have a balance in text and images. In 2016, even more people are using their phones online, and this is the time to start targeting both computer and mobile phone users.Continue Reading >>

How Personalized Emails Can Take Your Marketing To The Next Level


Personalized Email Marketing - FireDrum Marketing BlogWhy Personalize Emails?

We’ve all gotten emails that made us say, “Huh?” Maybe you’re a single college student without children receiving emails about diaper sales. Or maybe you’re a stay-at-home parent receiving emails about buying gifts for teenagers when you have toddlers. That’s because too many organizations create a marketing email and send that same email to as many email addresses as they can scrape together, disregarding relevance and failing to personalize their email marketing campaigns. Studies have found that 70% of businesses sending marketing emails fail to personalize, despite the fact that personalized emails get nearly 30% higher open rates and over 40% more clicks than non-personalized emails.

Ways to Personalize

Name - One of the most popular and most basic ways to personalize an email marketing campaign is simply to add the recipient’s name. This is one of the easiest ways that just involves a simple code or button to insert each recipient’s name into the email with a simple code or button. When using this tactic, try to keep with the general tone of your business. If you are more formal try using “Dear Mr. John Smith” for a more casual opening try something like “Hi John,” instead. Also avoid awkwardly overusing the name by randomly inserting it into multiple sentences throughout the email. Simply inserting the user’s name into the email’s subject or first line is a safe and effective way to use this tactic. Keep in mind though that while including the recipient’s name is a great place to start, it is important to take email personalization a step further if you want to ensure relevance and increase conversions.Continue Reading >>

Date Activated Email Marketing Triggers


Date Activated Email MarketingMany businesses use trigger emails to get closer to their customers. This email marketing strategy is relatively convenient and, if used well, can help your business become more successful. There are multiple kinds of trigger emails, one of them being date-based trigger emails. This type of trigger email is very common among both businesses and consumers alike because of the simplicity of set up and impact they have.

What are Date-Based Trigger Emails?

Date-based trigger emails are emails that businesses send to a customer during a special time of their life. For example, a business could send this kind of email during a customer’s birthday or an anniversary. Triggered emails can be set up to go out based on a customer’s data you’ve collected and date range you have set. If you want to send all customers a certain email 3 days before their birthday you can do that with triggered emails. These messages provide the customer with special offers or thanks that entice them to purchase more from your business. There are many benefits to using this type of email marketing campaign for your marketing strategy.Continue Reading >>

Lead Nurturing Strategy Development Tips


From the outside looking in, it can often seem like email marketing is like a career in fishing: cast the net wide and hope you catch something good. But true marketing professionals know that successful selling is actually about connecting, nurturing and building a relationship that in time may yield a sale.

In this post, learn our favorite tips for nurturing your leads and turning them into customers.

Lead Nurturing Defined

Lead Nurturing Strategy Development Tips“Lead nurturing” could easily be renamed “relationship building,” because this is exactly what you are doing. You are building a trust-based, authentic relationship that may in time yield a sale.

The Purpose of Developing a Lead Nurturing Strategy

It can be tempting to assume the internet has rendered relationship-building obsolete. In fact, the internet has made relationship-building more critical than ever. With the ease of any company to reach thousands of potential customers you must develop a lead nurturing strategy that helps you stand out.

Also, your lead nurturing strategy must now factor in long distance lead nurturing as well as local lead nurturing. What can you do to replicate the experience of sitting down face-to-face when your lead lives half a world away?

Your strategy must also have a timeline by which you can gauge how much time to spend before putting a prospect on the back burner or move them up in your sales cycle. With the analytics and automation tools this has become easier than ever to optimize your lead nurturing strategy.

Lead Nurturing Strategy Development Tips

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Holiday Email Marketing Tips


Holiday Email Marketing TipsThe holiday season is almost here. Email marketing is a proven and solid strategy for promoting viable offers during the holidays. This is the primary reason exceptional marketers take advantage of this shrewd marketing method. It is vital for you to take steps that can help you keep an edge over your competitors. Let’s go over several holiday email marketing tips that can help you reach your targeted audience with ease.

Plan Your Campaigns in Advance

Many marketers make the grave mistake of setting up their marketing campaigns at the last-minute. This is one of the biggest reasons why they fail in getting a high response rate from their potential customers. Statistics show that last-minute email marketing campaigns fail poorly. Your preparation should begin several weeks before the holidays so that your campaigns do not get cluttered with the several other email marketing campaigns being sent out during the holidays. This will give you an opportunity to develop a good relationship with your subscribers and find out what they enjoy about your business.Continue Reading >>

Why Should Email Marketing Templates Be Responsive?


Responsive Email Marketing Newsletters
Google’s recent major algorithm change, dubbed “Mobilegeddon”, was focused on rewarding mobile-friendly websites by ranking them higher in searches. For many, it was a change long overdue; internet searches on a smartphone or a mobile device are much higher than those done on a laptop, tablet and or desktop. So, while having a mobile-friendly website is a must when reaching today’s consumer, does that necessarily mean that an email marketing template should be responsive as well? It most certainly does, and here’s why:

1) Increased Click-Through Rates (CTR)

A responsive email template typically has a higher click-through rate (CTR). Customers that can easily navigate your email are ones that are more likely to respond to your call to action and click on your links. Your CTR is a critical portion of driving traffic to your website and an email campaign that isn’t easily navigated, or too difficult to read on a tablet is sure to frustrate users and force them to abandon pursuit.Continue Reading >>

FireDrum Version 4.3 Released


Released 10/13/2015

Automatically Resend to Members Who Didn’t Open Email

We are really excited about this new feature! There are many reasons why someone may not have opened an email. Maybe due to bad timing or the subject line may not have enticed them. Often times you will want to resend an email to recipients who have not opened it. Now you can do this with a click of a button. When scheduling your campaign, just select the option to resend your email. You can even change the subject line, preheader text and the email delivery time; ultimately increasing your open rates.

PreHeader Text

A preheader is the short summary text that is displayed after the subject line when an email is previewed. Most email providers insert the first line of your email into the preheader. With FireDrum, you can now choose the text that you would like to be displayed in the preheader area. Here are some examples for what you can do with preheader text: extend the subject line, provide a coupon or an offer, thank the customer, summarize the email. Email recipients will use preheader text to determine the contents of your email. Therefore, you should use this as a tool to generate emotion and get people excited to open your email.
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How to Avoid Gmail’s Block Button


Avoid Gmail's Block Button
The goal of Gmail’s new “block” button is to keep user inboxes free from spam content. But Google has left it up to each Gmail user to decide which emails are spam and which are legitimate. This makes navigating the block button a tricky task for marketers with legitimate messages to send. In this post, learn the best tips and tricks we recommend for how to avoid getting caught by Gmail’s new block button.

Tip #1: Make it super-easy for members to unsubscribe.

If you have to choose between an “unsubscribe” and a “block,” we highly recommend an unsubscribe. An unsubscribe simply says “I don’t want to receive this anymore,” while a block says, “You just sent me spam.” Your email list manager won’t mind the former but it will consider the latter a black mark against your sender record. Get enough blocks and your URL could be blacklisted as a spammer.

How to fix this: Make the “unsubscribe” button up front and prominent so your recipient isn’t tempted to reach for the “block” button instead.Continue Reading >>