Why Should I Update My WordPress Website?


Security Vulnerabilities and Other Risks You Will Take On By Not Updating Your WordPress Website

Is it necessary to update my WordPress site? Will anything happen to it if I don’t? I’m happy with my website, why would I need to update WordPress?  

We hear these questions regularly. The answer is to the question is yes. Of course you should be updating your website to latest WordPress Update. Although you may be thinking, ‘My WordPress site is just fine the way it is and I really don’t want to update and risk breaking something’, you may not be aware of the risks you could encounter by not updating. After all, there is the age-old saying, we all know and love, that if “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” which makes sense in most contexts and situations. However, there can be huge repercussions to ignoring updates on your WordPress website.

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Facebook Ads That Convert


PPC Facebook Ads

Effective and Profitable Facebook PPC Ads You Should Be Launching

With the internet’s ever growing list of tips for social media, it may be hard to pinpoint what works for each platform. If you’re thinking about launching Facebook ads, take this as your personal reference guide to create effective, profitable campaigns.

First, Campaign Strategy

1) Add the Facebook Pixel Code

Like Google Analytics, you can carefully track your conversations and optimize your campaigns with the data your receive from Facebook Pixel. Pixel will capture and track the movements of all website visitors who are currently logged into Facebook or get a link to your website through Facebook. Simply add Pixel to your website by visiting your Ads Manager for the installation code.

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Why Didn’t My Email Newsletter Get More Opens?


Email Marketing Increase Open Rates

10 Reasons Why Your Open and Engagement Rates Are Low

Have you noticed that your email open and engagement rates have plummeted? Or perhaps they were never up to your standards. Bad news: there may be a variety of reasons why your open and engagement rates aren’t where you want them to be. Good news: those reasons are easily correctable.

1) Lacking Excitement in the Subject and Preheader

Be honest, do you get excited when you see “Newsletter #15 for Company Name” in your inbox? Probably not. Email subject lines and preheaders need the same excitement that those annoying click-bait ads offer. After all, they are the main influencer to whether or not your email gets opened.

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PPC Questions Answered: Part 2


SEM PPC Practices with FireDrum

More Insights into Pay-Per-Click and Answers to Common Questions

In continuation of our last post, we’d like to answer more commonly asked PPC questions. PPC, unfortunately, cannot be mastered in a day, but becoming a pay-per-click leader can be accomplished with time. Use our tools for your SEO research and implement out tips for more lead conversions.

Want more guidance on PPC strategy? Or rather have us handle your campaigns?  Just contact our pay-per-click experts, today. We can handle everything from campaign design to complete budget and keyword management.

How do I get ahead of my competitors?

The easiest way to get ahead of your competitors is to raise your daily budget,  but the most effective way to get ahead of your competitors is to carefully monitor and maintain your PPC campaigns. Are you regularly cleaning out ineffective keywords and campaigns? Optimizing your search engine’s advertisement features? One commonly overlooked feature of online search engine ads are remarketing campaigns.

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