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Deliverability, Reliability and Security

Email Deliverability, Reliability and Server Security

Deliverability, Reliability and Security are critical factors to a successful email marketing plan. FireDrum uses a multi-faceted approach to ensure that your email marketing efforts are executed consistently and securely, producing the best results to meet your goals. Deliverability is ensured through Reputation Monitoring, List Hygiene, Feedback Loops, Email Authentication and SMTP Monitoring. Your service and data are backed-up, reliable, and secure at our World Class Data Center. FireDrum vigilantly monitors all aspects of your service 24/7, notifying contacts of our staff to respond immediately any time of the day if needed.

  • Reputation Monitoring

    Sender Score Monitoring – Like a credit score, a Sender Score is an indication of the trustworthiness of an email source. FireDrum monitors all our IPs to ensure a healthy Sender Score status.

    SenderBase Monitoring – SenderBase is the world’s largest email traffic monitoring service. SenderBase collects data from more than 100,000 ISPs, universities and corporations around the world. SenderBase measures more than 110 different parameters of deliverability. FireDrum monitors all our IPs to ensure a healthy SenderBase status.

    All Private Label customers are provided a dedicated set of IPs that is reserved for their email delivery only.

  • List Hygiene – FireDrum utilizes multiple strategies to ensure good List Hygiene. Insertion of duplicates and re-insertion of unsubscribed email addresses are prevented at all points that email addresses can be entered into the system. Bounces, complaints (Feedback Loop), and SMTP logs are processed to automatically unsubscribe email addresses. An easy, one-click unsubscribe mechanism is provided for email contacts.
  • Feedback Loops – Email providers (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and Yahoo) include links within their email systems for contacts to remove themselves from your list. FireDrum has established feedback loops with all major email providers. Members who do not want to receive your email will automatically be removed from any future sendings, ensuring good list hygiene. Statistics are provided in your reports on how many user complaints have been processed.
  • Email Authentication – Using technologies such as SPF, Sender ID and Domain Keys, your email will be authenticated as coming from a valid source. Email providers will use one or more of these technologies to prove that an email is coming from an authentic email account. With such added credibility, emails are more likely to bypass spam and bulk filters and land in a person’s inbox.
  • SMTP Monitoring – FireDrum uses advanced internal email traffic monitoring and SMTP log analysis to detect and correct any email delivery problems and to automatically update the subscription statuses of contacts.


FireDrum uses a redundant system of servers to ensure a reliable, consistent experience in all aspects; guaranteeing 99.9% service uptime. Campaigns are sent exactly when scheduled and emails are delivered at a high rate of speed.

  • SWorld Class Data Center – FireDrum servers are housed in a secure, fireproof, climate-controlled data center with a direct connection to the Internet backbone and redundant power with generator backup. Multiple, high-speed connections ensure that your service is always up and running.
  • SSystem Monitoring – All FireDrum servers are checked every minute to ensure the application is functioning and responding quickly. In the event that the system does not respond in a manner expected, staff contacts are on call 24/7 and immediately alerted via mobile phone and email.
  • SData Redundancy and Back-Up – All data is replicated across multiple servers (in the event that any one becomes unavailable), providing redundancy. In addition, full daily backups are used to ensure data is always protected.


  • Data Isolation – All Private Label customers have their own separate database providing added security, reliability, and performance.
  • Network Security – Firewalls, IP Whitelisting and IP BlackHole Routing are used to protect our systems at the network level and lock down external access to our network to the minimum necessary for maintenance and administration. In addition, we actively monitor network traffic and logs for any intrusion attempts. We use BlackHole Routing, IP Whitelisting,
  • Password Protection – All FireDrum application databases use encrypted password protection. All FireDrum user accounts are password protected. We also monitor for abnormal login attempts.
  • Data Center Security – The data center is secured 24/7, utilizing Biometric palm scanners in conjunction with proximity card readers to control access to the facility and data center floor. All cabinets and cage spaces are locked, and the facility is monitored via closed-circuit digital camera coverage with 24-hour recordings and 90-day digital video storage. The facility is also equipped with centralized security stations.
  • Secure API Connection – Integrate other systems with FireDrum’s application and keep data in sync over a secure, encrypted connection using FireDrum’s API.