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Agency Programs Overview

Agency Programs

Firedrum understands the full spectrum of agency services. Whether you’re an ad agency, a Web design firm, a PR service, a digital marketing consultancy or some unique combination, we provide leading edge Email marketing solutions that make you look good. Our custom-designed, cost-effective programs and solutions make it easy to serve your clients in your own unique way.

Competition has never been tougher. The marketplace as well as the technology is fast changing. Most agency platforms available are either too expensive or missing key management tools. We pride ourselves on offering the most competitively priced Email solutions in the industry—with platforms and programs that can precisely fit your needs.

  • Advertising Firms
    To be competitive, today’s fully integrated agency needs to offer its clients as wide a range of services as possible. That includes Emails that really sell—Email services with high deliverability top-notch functionality and advanced reporting are imperative. Learn More »
  • Digital Marketing Firms
    The change from traditional to digital marketing methods and services is being driven by consumer behavior and demand, trackability of response and the increasing need to automate processes to make every dollar count. Email services must be a part of the mix. As your firm’s partner and consultant, Firedrum makes it easy to meet your client’s unique needs. Learn More »
  • Web Design Firms
    Websites are now a major marketing focus for most businesses. Web design firms are indispensible to their clients. The demand on you to deliver email communications systems that work—first time, every time—is high and it’s crucial to your success. Learn More »
  • Public Relations Firms
    Today, PR firms work with clients on everything from overall strategy and public facing to message development and developing web, collateral, social, and email content for their clients. We make it simple for PR Firms to get their content out at the correct time, to the correct people, and in the correct format. Learn More »
  • Marketing Consultants:
    Your clients rely on you to help them navigate the maze of marketing service now available. Your suggestions and insights about business strategy can directly affect their revenue. Clients also look to you in assessing new opportunities, technologies and digital marketing solutions. Learn More »
  • Affiliate and Revenue Sharing Sales Programs:
    When you refer businesses to our professional and affordable email solutions, this program lets you earn up to 30% of the revenue generated from that referral. Getting started is easy. Learn More »