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Email Marketing Services for Digital Agencies

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Companies focused on digital marketing services are quickly outpacing their traditional marketing counterparts. The shift from traditional to digital is mainly due to changes in consumer behavior, track ability of response, and marketing automation. For a digital agency to provide a full menu of solutions to their clients, email must be a driving part of their portfolio. At FireDrum, we not only work as a partner and consultant for email services but we can provide the tools for a digital agency to take our email knowledge and abilities in-house. We at FireDrum have developed multiple solutions for digital marketing agencies to fill their email tool box with solutions that can be customized and partnership’s specific to your agencies resources, client base, and budget.

Email Marketing For Your Digital Agency

Most agency platforms available in the market today are expensive or are missing key management tools. With FireDrum, we provide the most competitive priced solutions available in the market. We take pride in our partnerships with our digital agency clients and are more than willing to customize our platform and referral programs around your company’s needs. If your focus is multiple accounts and a low cost platform then our FireDrum Multiple Account Platform is for you. If you need more customization, advanced reporting, and a white label solution then our Private Label or Private Label Lite solution is the perfect fit.



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