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Marketing Consultants

Marketing Consultants

We Help You Do the Heavy Lifting

As a Marketing Consultant, a lot is expected of you. Your clients rely on you to help them navigate  the myriad of marketing service now available. Your suggestions and insights about business strategy are critical—directly affecting revenue. Clients also look to you in assessing new opportunities, technologies and digital marketing solutions on the web.

Marketing Consultants are also called on to propose an overall email strategy, refer an email provider, or to handle the company’s overall email communications. That’s a lot of heavy lifting.

FireDrum can help. Our referral based, partner based, and platform based solutions blend high functionality with competitive price to help your client—and you—succeed.

Email Marketing Responsive To A Consultant’s Needs

Most email platforms available in the market today are either too expensive or missing key  management tools.

Most Email Service Providers don’t understand your business and their systems are not truly responsive to your needs.

FireDrum, provides the most competitively priced solutions available in the market. We focus on developing custom solutions that meet our client’s unique goals and needs—not our bottom line.

If you’re looking for help with consulting services and custom integrations then contact our sales team and we can review your needs. If your firm needs multiple accounts and low cost platform then our FireDrum Multiple Account Platform is for you. If you need more customization, advanced reporting, and a white label solution then our Private Label or Private Label Lite solution is the perfect fit.



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