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Business Solutions Overview

Business Solutions

Every business is unique. Cookie-cutter programs just won’t do. The right email marketing solution must precisely fit what you do, how you do it and who you do it for. FireDrum’s flexible, scalable and affordable email platforms meet the unique marketing requirements of any organization, regardless of its size and complexity.

We’ve provided custom-fit systems to commercial businesses, non-profits, franchise organizations, government agencies and more. Working hand-in-hand with you, we design systems that deliver the results you want exactly the way you want them. And no one in the industry is more competitively priced.

Years of experience working with large, complex businesses has made us the premier choice for organizations who need an email marketing system that perfectly aligns to their marketing and communication goals. Whatever your business, whatever your style, whatever your goal, we can get you there.

  • Corporate and Enterprise
    Each Enterprise Solution we put in place is customized to meet your exacting standards, not someone else’s. Whether you have multiple lists, multiple departments, multiple brands, or need multiple communications to fit all three, we’ll work with you to craft a solution that meets all your marketing goals. Learn More »
  • Multi-location & Multi-unit
    Hands-on experience with multiple location businesses such as property, restaurant, and retail businesses has given us widely varied, practical expertise. We understand the need to keep future expansion in mind. Whatever you need—management controls, brand management features, automated messaging, location based reporting. Learn More »
  • Franchisor & Franchisee
    A successful franchise business needs to maintain a strong, consistent brand presence in its communications. But it also needs custom, localized content across its client base. We understand that. FireDrum’s Franchisor Solution provides both. Learn More »
  • Non-Profit & Government
    Non Profit organizations as well as City and State government entities provide some of the most important and helpful communications that are sent from our servers. Whether you’re alerting people to important events or changes in policy, or trying to increase volunteerism and donation activity we have the systems and expertise you need in an Email partner. Learn More »
  • Customized Solutions
    Our clients require specialized web forms, data integrations, unique management controls and much more. We’ve made our mark finding solutions for whatever they need to do. With a solid, comprehensive and creative understanding of current trends, we fuse our advanced proprietary technology with our premier Email marketing platform to produce custom Email marketing campaigns and systems that solve
    problems and get results. Learn More »