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Affiliate / Revenue Sharing Sales Program

Affiliate and Revenue Sharing Sales Programs

Are you a Web Design, Digital Marketing, Ad Agency, or PR firm? If so partner with FireDrum as an Affiliate member and reap the rewards of your clients continued email success and growth. With FireDrum’s Affiliate program you refer businesses to our top notch email solutions and you can make up to 30% of your clients initial set up as well as their monthly expenses. We’ll provide you with your own unique promotional code giving a $25 credit to any paid account you bring into the FireDrum family. Our process is as easy as it gets and you can get started today:

To become an Affiliate:

1st – Fill out the form below to apply for our Affiliate Program

2nd – Sign up for a free email marketing account.

3rd – Schedule a call so we can issue your own personalized promo code

Lastly – Refer clients to sign up with us using your referral code and up to 30% of what they spend will shared directly back to you.

An Affiliate Partner will receive:

10% of all revenue generated from a referral on a permanent basis from referrals of 1-5 businesses with paying accounts.

15% of all revenue generated from referrals of 6-10 businesses with paying accounts.

20% of all revenue generated from referrals of 11-15 businesses with paying accounts.

30% of all revenue generated from referrals of over 16 or more businesses with paying accounts.

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