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Corporate and Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Email Marketing Solutions by Firedrum

Corporate Email Marketing for Large Scale Businesses

Our flexible platform allows large businesses to accomplish their unique email marketing requirements, with corporate email marketing solutions that are scalable and affordable. If your company has large distribution lists or multiple email campaigns, take a look at our high volume pricing to see how competitive our distribution costs are.

Why FireDrum

Each Enterprise Solution we put in place is customized. It is impossible for a large organization to use a one size fits all solution and have it be effective. If you have multiple lists, departments, brands, or communications, let’s set up a consultation to determine how FireDrum can help your organization reach your email marketing goals.

Advantages of an Enterprise Email Marketing Solution
by Firedrum

  • Support complex work flows
    Multiple users types, multiple campaigns, custom configurations… no problem! Our platform can account for any type of complex campaign.
  • Automated communications
    Easily manage automatic triggered emails, timed delays and auto-responders
  • Complex data integrations
    Custom API that can allow automation of many features.
  • Complex list segmentation
    Organize lists using many segmentation options to get the right message to the right user, every time.
  • Customized solutions for any large scale businesses and their unique needs.
  • Brand Control
    Control the company brand across multiple campaigns



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