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Franchisee and Franchisor Solution

The FireDrum Franchise Solution

A Comprehensive, Effective Franchisor Solution

For more than a decade, FireDrum has helped businesses in the restaurant, healthcare, and home service industries develop effective email campaigns that grow their bottom line and build their brand. As digital marketing has evolved so have we. We know a franchisor’s unique email system needs from firsthand experience.

If you need specialized management controls, brand management features, automated messaging, and location based reporting to take your organization’s email campaigns to the next level then the FireDrum Franchisor Solution is for you.

Maintain Brand Consistency and Control

A successful franchise business needs to maintain a strong, consistent brand presence in its communications. But it also needs custom, localized content across its client base. FireDrum’s Franchisor Solution does both.

The backbone of the system is your organization’s own branded email portal where franchisees can log in and have their own email sub-account, based on location or region. Franchisees can update their own content, schedule mailings, and manage local lists or you can manage this all for them.

You retain control at the corporate level with global administrative access across every account. You can control images and artwork, optimize and control access for different employees. Customized reporting lets you understand how each unit’s campaigns are performing.

This top-down model of branding and control is unique to FireDrum. It’s an all-in-one solution for any franchisor’s e-mail marketing success.

Branded, Professional Emails with Easy Localization

FireDrum grows with you and your business— effortlessly.

We support an unlimited number of users, contacts and locations. Control can vary depending on the involvement you want your franchisees to have. There is no limit to the amount and type of communications you can set up. Coupons, birthday, anniversaries, newsletters, product introductions —whatever is needed for your business.

Our solution protects your brand. Instead of sending out clumsy, sub-par marketing, Franchisees can log into your email solution and access pre-approved, professional communications vehicles.

Just as important—expansion is very easy. If you are planning to add 100% more units in the next year or even the next month, FireDrum is the only solution available today that can keep pace with your growth.

We understand your business.
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