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Multi-Unit and Multi-Location Solutions

Multi-Unit and Multi-Location Email Solutions

We’re Experts in Multi-Location and Multi-Unit Business Email

We’ve been helping businesses reach their email marketing goals for over a decade. As digital marketing has evolved so have we. Hands-on experience with management groups in industries such as property, restaurant, healthcare and retail has given us widely varied, practical expertise. We understand the email needs of companies with multiple locations.

Whatever you need—management controls, brand management features, automated messaging, location based reporting—talk to one of our consultants today. We’ll design a solution that will take your marketing to the next level.

Solutions Built With Expansion In Mind

Flexibility is at the core of our email solutions. That means we can deliver a solution that works for you regardless of the size and complexity of your organization. Our goal is to provide our partners a strong foundation that serves as a springboard for future expansion.

You can create an unlimited number of accounts to organize and manage different locations, users, and partners. You’ll also have an unlimited library of images and templates to assure that each communication sent on your company’s behalf carries your vision and brand.

Our extremely low set up and management cost makes it inexpensive and easy to optimize your current email campaigns and communications no matter how large you are or how large you will be in the future.

Maintain Brand Consistency and Control — Easily

Creating consistent communications across your contact base while optimizing content and list management to create relevant, engaging and targeted emails can be a real challenge. FireDrum’s Multi-Unit and Multi-Location Solution makes it easy.

The backbone of the system is your organization’s own branded email portal where each email admin can log in to his or her own email sub-account to update content, schedule mailings, and manage local lists.

You retain control at the corporate level with global administrative access across every account—controlling images and artwork, as well as managing access for different employees. Customized reporting lets you understand how each unit’s campaigns are performing.

This top-down model of branding and control is unique to FireDrum. It’s an all-in-one solution for our Multi-Unit and Multi-Location partners.

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