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Non-Profit and Government Solutions

Non-Profit and Government Solutions

Your Mission Matters — We Can Help

Non-Profit organizations as well as City and State government entities provide some of the most important and helpful communications that are sent from our servers. Whether you’re alerting people to important events or changes in policy, or trying to increase volunteerism and donation activity we have the systems and expertise you need in an email partner.

Because your mission is to do good in the community, we automatically reduce our pricing by a full 30% for any Non-Profit or Government agency. That’s right — 30% on a month to month basis. It’s our way of saying thank you and of doing our part as a good corporate citizen.

The Highest Deliverability Rates in the Industry

Timing is often critical when it comes to messages delivered by Government Agencies and Non Profits. Every vote counts. Every donated dollar is needed. FireDrum has some of the highest deliverability rates in the industry—as high as 99%. We can assist you with every step in the process—list setup, design, testing and back-end analytics. We can custom-design solutions for you through our heavily discounted managed services programs.

It’s easy to start. Click the link below for a consultation or simply sign-up for a free account and start mailing today.

Your work makes a difference.
Talk to one of our consultants about how we can partner with you. Our expertise makes your job easier. The expertise you need at a full 30% discount. FIND OUT MORE NOW.


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