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Property Management Solution

Property Management Solutions

“Management” – Solutions for Multiple Properties

One of the most difficult aspects of property management is creating consistent communication across your client base while customizing the content to create an atmosphere of localization. With our Property Management Solution you can now do both. Your organization will have access to a dedicated portal branded as your company’s own email solution. Each manager can log in and have their own system to update content, schedule mailings, and manage their own lists and communications. From the administrative area, you will be able to control image and artwork communications, optimize and control access for different employees, as well as customize reporting to understand how each managers campaigns are performing. This top-down model of branding and control is unique to FireDrum and is an all-in-one solution for property management e-mail marketing needs.

“Brand Control” – Your Properties, Your Message

Many property management companies experience problems while trying to control their brand identity and communications through email marketing. Common problems arise when individual properties are allowed to take their local email marketing efforts into their own hands. This can result in unapproved images, promotions and content; and lack of an overall cohesive and aligned brand strategy. FireDrum’s Property Management Solution addresses these issues by allowing our partners to localize content without sacrificing brand control. Localized initiatives can be controlled and modified on both the regional and corporate levels. Specific fonts, images, and messaging can be stored within a centralized library. Approvals can be delegated to key decision makers, creating a perfect balance between high level strategy and localized branding.

“Reporting” – The Data You Need

One of the most common complaints we hear from users of other platforms is the difficulty associated with compiling custom reports that are the most relevant for your business. Reports like, “What percent of consumers open our emails 75% of the time? What consumers have claimed the last three offers we have sent them?” FireDrum’s Property Management Solution provides your company with the data you need for key marketing decisions and overall promotional effectiveness. With FireDrum’s platform our partners are able to view advanced reports and compare them property-to-property, region-to-region, or even company wide. With this strategy our partners can easily measure the overall response and success of their email marketing initiatives.

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