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A Co-Branded Email Marketing Case
Study: AZ Big Media

AZ Big Media is a well-known and respected publisher of multiple magazines, producer of a number of Expos and Events, as well as managers of multiple powerful websites within the Arizona market. AZ Big Media initially started in 1985 as a single publication, “The Arizona Office Guide to Phoenix”. Their first publication was released on a quarterly basis and only had a circulation of 7,000 readers. Since 1985, AZ Big Media has evolved and expanded to include; 8 different well respected publications, countless events across the business landscape, and a number of highly trafficked websites supporting their robust portfolio of invites.

The Challenge

Our company first connected with AZ Big Media in 2011. They were using a well-known provider as their primary partner for email marketing and distribution but were having problems housing all of their varied contact lists and brands into one account. AZ Big Media had two glaring issues with their one account configuration.

AZ Big Media’s first challenge was how to manage multiple brands through the same account to ensure that each division of the company had accurate reporting and was isolated enough to easily manage.

The second challenge they faced was how to manage a readership base that would often be subscribed to multiple publications, event, and website lists they had built organically. At times, a consumer would unsubscribe from one publication but still want to receive information from another publication or event group. Most email platforms blanket unsubscribe contacts no matter which lists they are on. The practice of blanket unsubscribing is common in the email industry and it is known as the “Multiple Brand” conundrum. Organizations that are an umbrella to multiple brands, divisions, and locations regularly face this issue and need an email partner who will tailor their system to their unique business needs. The problem became, how do we develop a platform for industries like Publishing, Restaurants, Property Management, and Marketing Services, so that email marketing managers can manage multiple initiatives, keep their subscriber base, and do it in a way that is easy to use, low cost, and flexible enough for their unique business needs.

The Solution

To address this issue, FireDrum has developed the Multi-Account / Co-branded solution. With this solution AZ Big Media was able to create a separate account for each division of the company ensuring that both the “From” address and account reporting corresponded to the correct brand. By having a master administrative account AZ Big Media also had the added ability to pick and choose who would receive global communications from the parent company by easily selecting what sub accounts and corresponding lists were part of an email communication. The email marketing platform allows for a client to create a master account to manage all of their brands, publications, locations, etc… The Master account houses sub-accounts each assigned to different business divisions allowing full list management, reporting, and template control. An Administrator or group of administrators can access their account globally or have access to specific accounts through their Co-Branded Dashboard. Unsubscribes from one account will not affect another account since each unique account is basically viewed as a separate business. This allows any company to have an easy use email system for managing multiple business divisions, provides an easy to navigate platform to manage these divisions, and is as low cost as any email solution out there.

The Results

AZ Big Media has not only eliminated blanket unsubscribes from their email contacts, they have organized their separate lists in a way that cuts down on internal management time and increases their ability to organize and effectively communicate to their dedicated contacts . Our Multi-Account / Co-branded solution has improved their overall list management capabilities and has provided an easy to use and low cost robust email platform tailored to their needs.