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Private Label Lite Email Marketing Case Study LuCorp – FireDrum

LuCorp Marketing is an Arizona based full service marketing consultation firm dedicated to helping their clients find and retain customers and increase sales. The company is made up of a group of talented people with a variety of experience in marketing, public relations, tech, and creative fields who stay on top of the latest creative trends in the fast paced world of online marketing. With over 25 years of marketing experience and more than 12 years in web marketing and public relations, LuCorp prides itself on offering the right balance of usability, quality content, and calls to action for their client’s email marketing strategies.

The Challenge

As a firm focused primarily on web based marketing strategies, LuCorp relies on an email campaign management system to offer their clients messaging solutions that will translate into sales. With a large and diverse client base, LuCorp was faced with the challenge of having to work with various email marketing accounts spread out over multiple platforms that could not be branded as a uniform LuCorp solution. Add to that the lack of custom templates and the difficulty with which they were implemented, LuCorp was looking at an inefficient system that was a detriment to their ability to offer the high quality services that their clients expected.

LuCorp decided to look for an email marketing campaign solution that would bring all of their clients together under one interface. In seeking a system that would allow for higher level, centralized organizational capabilities, LuCorp chose Firedrum’s Private Label Lite as their new email management tool.

The Solution

After implementing Firedrum’s Private Label Lite, LuCorp began exploring the system’s unique URL and branded system layout to manage their numerous clients’ complex email setups. In an effort to improve efficiency in data, image, and template organization, a process that was previously spread out and time consuming, LuCorp set out to build an interface where they could store unlimited content all in one place. LuCorp also benefited from the products marketing budget conscious pricing structure. Unlike other email management systems, Private Label Lite charges for what is emailed. With a nominal maintenance fee and a competitive CPM email charge, LuCorp was able to put their clients’ marketing dollars to their most efficient use.

“Email marketing’s ability to craft relevant content and high quality images onto easy to read and provocative templates all work together to magnify a companies messages online,” says Cindy Woudenberg, Prinicpal of LuCorp Marketing. “FireDrum understands that a platform that can integrate all of those functions into one easy to use system makes management of comprehensive marketing strategies doable.”

The Results

After fully implementing Private Label Lite, LuCorp was able to offer a uniform and branded email marketing solution to all of their clients. On top of the high quality content, LuCorp was also able to begin offering advanced services like easy to access analytics and newly branded emails.

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