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Private Label Email Marketing Case Study Macerich – FireDrum

Macerich is the third largest Mall owner in the U.S. As of 2014, they are the operator and developer for 58 regional shopping centers totaling 61 million square feet of leasable area. Macerich Shopping Centers boast more than 650 million consumer visits annually. Macerich marketing focus is on forming relationships with their consumers and providing companies, brands, and retailers a clear, competitive edge in today’s cluttered marketplace.

The Challenge

Having highly trafficked locations all across the U.S poses many difficulties in optimizing promotional and event based communications. Having an email platform that can handle the scope of millions of contacts and be flexible enough to localize messaging is a challenge for any organization and email platform. Because of Macerich’s consumer reach, controlling messaging as well as their brand across the country to varying demographic and geographic areas was an additional daunting challenge. When Macerich approached us they needed an email partner to handle their expanding scope and size, provide tools to version and control their messaging and brand, as well as provide ongoing customizations to address their unique and innovative marketing programs.

The Solution

Our Private Label platform was the perfect system robust and customizable enough to address the needs of a company such as Macerich. Our Full Private Label system was set up to mirror Macerich’s management alignment of property, regional, and corporate level managers. Optimizing our database to integrate with their extensive rewards and consumer files as well as be dynamic enough to update on a daily basis. Our integration provided Macerich a scalable solution to ensure their contact lists were as accurate as possible and that the correct contact received the correct communication every time. Our Private Label platform was created to allow for an unlimited number of contacts and accounts, so no matter how large the scope of an organizations email initiative is our platform can handle it.

To control and manage a brand across different locations, regions, and user groups Macerich utilized our customized template editor and versioned editable templates. Our unique campaign creation functionality provided Macerich the ability to version each of their mall specific templates while controlling their local administrator’s ability to edit content by area within the template, limiting text to specific fonts, and controlling the selection of images to a designated image library. Macerich coupled these content control functions with our administrative based Mail Queue system notifying marketing contacts in corporate on new campaign creation and scheduling. The end result was that no communication could ever be sent from our platform without it aligning to the Macerich brand.

We understood right away that Macerich’s email and marketing needs were unique and required a number of customized features to streamline our standard email reporting and analysis tools. We are constantly collaborating through meetings with our email consultants and there key marketing contacts to determine how we can best serve them as a vendor and marketing partner. Our ability to understand our partner’s business and to customize our solution around their needs is basis of why our platform differentiates form the competition.

The Results

Since the adoption of our Private Label platform, Macerich has been able to unify and control their brand messaging across their entire portfolio. They have increased subscription, response, and engagement rates since the inception of our platform. With our unique management controls they have been able to utilize the input of their local managers to personalize their messaging and create a bigger impact within the communities they operate. Because they have more marketing contacts contributing to their overall email strategy through a series of focused and organized processes, execution of their campaigns is more time efficient, overall messaging is more relevant, and total response has increased.