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The Diamond Guys

Marketing Case Study – Managed Services

Since 2002, The Diamond Guys has been one of Arizona’s premier retailers of fine jewelry. Their retail environment provides for online purchases as well as a physical location in North Scottsdale. The Diamond Guys stresses education and engagement with their client base and differentiates themselves by providing consultation services to select the best solution for their customers. Their selection of product is second to none and during our initial meetings it was clear that their marketing efforts needed to match their high standards of quality.

The Challenge

Prior to The Diamond Guys implementing our managed services, there organization had very little in the way of email marketing. The Diamond Guys came to us looking for ideas of how they could engage with their current and prospective customers. Their goals were clear: increase site and location visits, convert traffic of their web site, increase word of mouth referrals, and lastly increase overall revenue for the company. The Diamond Guys’ biggest concern in reaching their marketing goals is that they did not have the resources to manage and set-up all of their desired initiatives.

The Solution

The Diamond Guys needed an email provider to not only help them with the design of the branding and layout of their email communications but also a marketing partner to explain how to best utilize the technologies available to them. After discussions about their current customer base, it was determined that a significant portion of their sale stemmed from engagement ring purchases. Therefore, to segment and develop relevant content for these customers, a catalog and email drip campaign was designed. If a prospective buyer selected they were interested in engagement rings on specially designed call-to-action forms a series of automated “Drip” campaigns would begin. Once their primary customer group was isolated, all other email inquiries were provided an introduction email and a drip campaign for products outside the scope of the wedding industry. FireDrum was able to set up theses campaigns, design the email templates, and schedule and proof their regular email sending’s so the client did not have to waste valuable resource time in mastering an email platform.

The Results

Segmented email communications lead to significantly higher open and click through rates. Engagement and higher conversions on call-to actions have significantly benefited The Diamond Guys’ bottom line. The development of engaging content has not only increased open but has led to more word of mouth referrals for their business. Our managed services not only provided a strong email platform for The Diamond Guys to engage with its customers, it generated more revenue and saved them significant internal resource time and cost in the process.

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