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FireDrum Multiple Account Platform

For Businesses Needing Multiple Email Accounts

FireDrum’s Multiple Account Platform is the most affordable, easiest to manage, and powerful solution for any business needing multiple email accounts. Our Multiple Account Platform is ideal for Agencies, PR Firms, Retailers, Property Managers, Franchisors, Brokers, or any other business that needs a comprehensive email system for multiple users.

Shared Control of Sub-Accounts

With FireDrum’s Multiple Account Platform, each sub account can build its own lists as well as manage and send focused communications. As the owner and administrator of your email system, you can utilize management controls to log into any of your accounts to pull reporting, check on messaging, and manage contact lists.

Lowest Cost Around

Your Multiple Account Platform will not cost anything more than a standard FireDrum DIY account. The cost is based completely on the amount of contacts you have and we pride ourselves on offering some of the lowest prices in the industry. Each sub account has the same DIY pricing and there is no limit to how many sub accounts you can have.

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