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Private Label Lite

Private Label Lite Email Marketing Solutions

Your Brand Your Email Solution as if it Were Your Own

FireDrum’s Private Label Lite email management solution offers an ideal mix if affordability and rich features unrivaled by any other solution in the industry. If your organization needs a system that can support five accounts or five thousand the FireDrum Private Label Lite solution will fit your needs. With our Private Label Lite system your organization will be provided with a unique URL, branded system layout, and every tool that is needed to manage the most complex email set-ups available today.

No Limits

With the FireDrum Private Label Lite system there are no limits to the amount of accounts you can create and manage. You have the ability to upload a limitless supply of images and templates for your unique sets of communications. Our system is ideal for Agencies, PR Firms, Franchisors, Management Companies, and Enterprise businesses that have multiple departments or locations.

Manage Your Accounts The FireDrum Way

The FireDrum Private Label System provides an ideal fit for companies that need their subscription lists separated from one another. Why segment different brands, clients, or divisions by lists when each can have their own account? If your company has to manage large and complex sets of lists no other system can give you the best of class management controls that FireDrum can provide.

CPM (Cost Per Thousand) Pricing

With FireDrum’s Private Label Lite you pay for what you mail. There is a very nominal maintenance fee associated with our white labeled system and an extremely competitive CPM email charge for distribution. We pride ourselves on being the most competitively priced solution in the industry today with the goal that our clients can get the most efficient use of their marketing dollar.

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