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Feel the Buzz


Google Buzz the latest addition to the search giant’s cadre of products promises to be an awesome entry into the sphere of sharing. I mean anytime you can release a new product with a 150 Million plus user base that is definitely going FTW.

I am excited for the Buzz for a lot of reasons… Prominent Opponent to Facebook, Exciting Mobile Application opportunities (although not yet supported by Blackberry), Integration with yet fully explored and undefined Google Wave, existing Gmail integration, the list goes on…

To email marketing and social media optimization. It is too cool to anticipate how sharing links, posts, pictures and the like will integrate into some pretty amazing marketing possibilities. Of course with all of this sharing an engaged and trusted brand is going to get the most benefit out of the anticipated hybrid of Gmail, Wave, and now Buzz, but the opportunities are endless.

I have a lot of thoughts and anticipation around Buzz and will be sharing more in this space as I play with it more.