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Private Label Email Marketing Application

Private Label Email Marketing Application

This program empowers you and your clients to leverage FireDrum's proven infrastructure and leading email deliverability, completely branded as your own. With access to our custom-designed email templates and superior tracking and measurement tools, you can leverage our resources to springboard ahead of the competition.

Due to the sophistication of our solution, FireDrum is only able to offer this solution to companies that meet certain criteria. While we still want and value all business brought to us by a partner, if this solution is not the right fit, our Co-Branded Partner Solution may be a better option.

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3) How many email marketing customers do you plan to add over the next year?
4) Do you assist in obtaining email contacts for your customers?
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What methods will be used to collect email address?
Can you provide digital records and details of your collection processes?
Will emails be shared across your customers?
5) When do you plan on deploying a private label solution?
6) Does your company employ or utilize Graphic Designers and HTML programmers?
7) Which account type do you intend to provide?
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