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Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Is your organization leveraging the power of social media?

There is a lot of confusion regarding Social Media. Some of our clients tell us they are not even sure what Social Media is, much less how to pursue a successful Social Media campaign. Don’t waste time and resources on frustrating “trial and error” attempts. Let us give you the answers you need to take advantage of this powerful marketing platform—today.

Social Media Optimization is imperative in today’s world, and knowing the proper strategy is very time consuming as business owner. With our Social Media expertise, we can easily create a custom campaign to fit the needs of your organization—whether you are a large corporation or a small business

The social media services we offer are:

Social Media Setup
There are thousands of social networks out there—with more launching daily We’ll help you prioritize which networks to focus on for maximum success. We’ll design and set up a social media page that appeals to your target audience while maintaining the look, feel and identity of your brand.

Content Creation
Sometimes, the most daunting task is figuring out what to say. We can break down your ads, testimonials, features, products and services into links, tips, industry news pieces and product/service highlights that will establish credibility online, while using the latest standards to maximize exposure. Close attention is paid to search terms and keywords to expand networks over time while focusing on targeted users.

Even the best content possible needs a large audience to truly maximize its potential. We don’t change your marketing message, we just adapt it to the newest technologies and media forms so it gets seen. Our team can deliver your message, at regular intervals, to 50+ social networks, social bookmarking directories and blogs using our proprietary portal procedures.

Blog and Article Strategy
Today’s social media demands include a desire for relevant and continuous content that establishes credibility and informs the public. This can include tips, case studies, examples, trends and anything that would be considered relevant to the theme of the marketing message. Our team can help create topics, posts, and themes to enhance brand identity.

Community Building
Once your message has begun to be disseminated, identifying potential relationships and maintaining existing relationships is the key to spreading the marketing message effectively. When people notice you, they and share information to their contacts, helping you deliver your marketing message to an even larger audience. Our team can maintain these relationships and target specific groups to maximize campaign effectiveness.

It is possible to track the effectiveness of a social media campaign, first by tracking a specific link or message and comparing responses to gauge its effectiveness. Second, we can determine which users have heeded the call to action and acted on the client’s website in the desired way. Analysis of such data provides insight into the campaign as a whole and insight into the effectiveness of specific messages.

Monitoring allows an organization to listen in on the voices of the market. With keyword tracking techniques, our team can collect data on mentions, identify positive or negative reviews, and find any public social media group that focuses on a particular industry or group. In addition to having the ability to contact such groups directly, marketers can use monitored data to get feedback on other marketing campaigns, products, services or customer service testimonials.

Our specialists will provide training in content creation, posting procedures, tracking and more to those who prefer a “hands-on” approach.

Each month, clients will receive a comprehensive report and strategy consultation. The report indicates time spent, activities performed and tracking links to all posts sent during the course of the month. Strategy sessions will identify strengths and opportunities in the social media landscape. Strategy adjustments are typically made monthly to ensure maximum efficiency.


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