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Email Marketing Integration

Email Marketing Integration

Rather than hiring an expensive freelance programmer to build a custom integration for you, FireDrum’s open API makes it easy to connect your email marketing platform to the software you use allowing you to automate those tedious and time consuming tasks.

Here are some common ways to sync your data with FireDrum

firedrum email can integrate with paypal


Sync PayPal to your FireDrum account and automatically add customer contact information to your email marketing as soon as you process a payment!

firedrum email can integrate with shopify


Add your shoppers email addresses to your FireDrum account as soon as they place an order, and easily reach out to them with future promotions.

firedrum email can integrate with salesforce


Increase your email marketing efficiency and effectiveness by easily syncing your SalesForce contacts and leads with your FireDrum account.

firedrum email can integrate with wordpress


Receive a lot of contact forms on your website? Instantly add those email addresses to your FireDrum account for future mass messaging!

firedrum email can integrate with SurveyMonkey


Found your target audience on SurveyMonkey? Add those users to your FireDrum account automatically.

firedrum email can integrate with Eventbrite


Create, manage and promote your event on EventBrite, and automatically add all RSVP’s to your FireDrum account.

We Do The Work For You

Once you tell us what you need to connect to your FireDrum account, we’ll implement it without any additional effort on your part. With quick turn around and a low cost, you’ll begin seeing activity moving between your accounts in no time!

Save Time and Money

With your custom integration in place, you’ll free yourself to focus on the daily business tasks that require your attention. There’s no need to hire an expensive freelance programmer, or spend time trying to integrate the platforms yourself. Just give us a call today and let us take care of your custom integration.

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