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Automated Emails—Multiple Types for Multiple Benefit

Let’s face it, you can’t personally reach out to each customer or respond to each customer’s inquiry and action. Automated emails can expand your reach and effectiveness—quickly and easily. They let you inform, communicate, segment, engage and service your customers in an infinite number of ways.

Plus, every step of the sales process the customer goes through is trackable and can provide valuable information to the marketer. Our system can be used to send four types of automated communications, each type with its own benefits and uses for your business.

The Auto Responder

Automatic responses to sales inquiries, form submissions, purchases, and a number of other customer activities can be automatically generated with a personalized message, thanking the customer for their action as well as driving them farther along the sales process.

The Drip

A group of time-sequenced emails can be set and automated to deliver, dependant on a recipient’s actions. For example, when a customer responds to a first email from your company, requesting information you offer about your product or service. The system can send an automatic “Thank You” email immediately after they respond. But it can also send a sequence of other responses—a video link about your product or service three days later, a reminder email five days after the form submission of where and how to buy the new product, and finally a call to action email ten days after the initial contact to as a final “nudge” to the consumer about purchasing the new product.

The Trigger

Action-based emails can be sent dependent on numerous recipient actions. When the consumer opens an email you’ve sent and clicks on a specific link, fills out a form, or takes any other actions you’ve defined, the recipient will receive an email designed to address what your company defines as next steps.

The Custom Response

Many modern business have implemented online shopping carts, complex database systems, and interactive websites. All of these sources of data can be integrated with our system to trigger an email that is highly customized to the consumer’s response or action.

Let’s Improve Your Bottom Line

Automated communications will save you time, increase your sales, and improve your bottom line. Talk to one of our consultants about how you can implement these solutions for your business—Today.


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