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Switching To FireDrum

Switching To FireDrum

We know that switching from one email service provider to another may seem like a tough move – but it doesn’t have to be. Our dedicated team is here to help with every step of the way and make the transition process as seamless as possible, so that you waste no time getting back to your email marketing.

The Process


Our technical support team will assist you in migrating your existing email contacts from your current email marketing service to our platform (please contact us for more information with migrating reports and campaigns).


With all new users, we provide a complimentary 15-minute account training session to help you get acclimated with the FireDrum platform. However, additional follow-up training is available if needed*.

On-Going Support

Our technically trained support team is here to address any needs that you may have. Whether you need help importing a list or setting up a campaign, they are available to help.

We offer our users “live” telephone support where you will speak with our support team immediately as well as email support.

Segmenting Members

Our Marketing Experts can work with you on segmenting your contacts into the appropriate categories, so that your campaigns will be sent to the right contacts (please contact us for more information).

Implementing Seamless Sign-Up Forms

We will also help you with generating a custom sign-up form to add to your website, which will make it easy for people to opt-in to receiving your newsletters.

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